Strategic Approach

Investment Types, Targets + Criteria

We seek to partner with dynamic middle-market entities in which the potential for meaningful improvement in earnings exists through organic growth in revenue, acquisitions and operational improvements. Juniper backs established management teams who are committed to the business and will participate in the expected value creation through an equity stake in the company.

We invest in the form of equity and debt in amounts ranging from $5-$30 million in each transaction and will consider smaller or larger investments where appropriate. We will pursue a variety of transaction structures, including full and partial recapitalizations, growth financings, generational transitions and leveraged buyouts. We will also consider minority ownership stakes in situations that will allow adequate governance representation.

It’s not just about providing growth and transition capital. Juniper also assists management in identifying and addressing strategic, operational and financial opportunities while respecting management’s day-to-day control over operations.

The true distinction that Juniper provides is unlocking the growth potential of companies by:

  • Introducing scalable business processes
  • Connecting and enabling strategic partners
  • Identifying potential acquisition candidates, and
  • Employing a conservative capital structure to maintain flexibility and agility as our companies pursue long-term strategic initiatives